Victoria Beckham poked fun at herself as she made her TikTok debut this week.

The fashionista mocked the fact that she’s eaten the same meal of grilled fish and steamed vegetables every day for 25 years in one of her first clips.

Her husband David first revealed the habit during an interview earlier this year.

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In the TikTok clip, Beckham lip-syncs along to “tell me you are posh without telling me you are posh.”

A waiter then appears and lifts a white cloche, revealing the famous dinner.

Beckham says, “I love it,” adding the hashtag #stitchposh, referencing the popular TikTok craze.

@victoriabeckham #StitchPosh ♬ original sound – Victoria Beckham

The Spice Girls singer also uploaded a behind-the-scenes video from her Vogue Australia photoshoot, as well as a clip explaining her natural makeup look.

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@victoriabeckham What happens behind the scenes, no longer stays behind the scenes! @Vogue Australia #behindthescenes #vogue ♬ Afraid To Feel – LF SYSTEM

@victoriabeckham VB in VBB 💁🏽‍♀️ #cleanbeauty #victoriabeckhambeauty ♬ As It Was – Harry Styles

Beckham recently jokingly criticized her husband David after he revealed she’d only eaten grilled fish and vegetables for the last 25 years, telling Vogue Australia: “I mean, talk about making me sound boring!” while rolling her eyes.

She added, “No. What he meant is that he’s never met anyone who’s more disciplined with the way that they eat. I eat lots of healthy fat: fish, avocado, nuts, that sort of thing.

“I do drink alcohol, unless I have a reason not to. I’ll detox from anything for three to six months where I won’t drink. I’m quite extreme in anything I do, whether it’s eating or working out or drinking or not drinking.”