Regé-Jean Page is reminding fans what his “Bridgerton” character was really like.

On the red carpet for his new film, the Netflix blockbuster “The Gray Man”, the actor was asked about his breakout series, and whether he has gotten a chance to watch season 2 yet.

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“I haven’t caught it,” he admitted.


Page was then asked about his decision not to return to the series, and the idea of recasting his role down the road, responding, “I mean, they’re free to do as they like.”

He continued, “Shonda and I had a wonderful conversation at the end of the Season 1. We were quite happy about how we stuck the landing on that one. I’m still proud of how we stuck the landing on that one.”

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The actor also shared his reaction to people asking about playing a villain in “The Gray Man” after playing the romantic lead in “Bridgerton”

“I’ve had a lot of conversations on this junket of folks saying, ‘You know, Simon was such a lovely gentleman, and now, you’re playing this super bad character…’” he said. “I think we did so well on that redemptive arc, people forgot that Simon was kind-of this horrific… he was the best example of a ‘Regency f**kboy’ that any of us have come across.”