Jesse Tyler Ferguson is settling his pseudo-feud with Dan Levy.

The actor is currently vacationing in Italy with his husband Justin Mikita and other friends, which include his “Schitt’s Creek” co-star Levy.

Ferguson shared videos of their vacation to Instagram with the caption, “I live here with these people now.”

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The photos featured the actor and his friends posing in a variety of beautiful Mediterranean locales, but one person wasn’t happy about these photos.

Levy, who is prominent in two of the photos, joking commented, “Cool you used the shot where I look constipated. Cool cool.”

Ferguson took the joke in good humour, continuing it with a follow-up Instagram Story with the two actors walking in Italy with their backs to the camera. A thought bubble above Ferguson’s head reads, “I’m sorry I posted pictures of you that you think you don’t look good in…but I really looked cute in them.”

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To mend the rift, he further included a more flattering photo of Levy posing with sunglasses in front of beautiful Italian steps. “Here’s a photo where you look really hot,” he noted.

Ferguson has been sharing plenty of photos from his time away from Hollywood, especially enjoying the weather with his husband.

The two, who already share their son Beckett, are expecting a second child in 2022.