Linda Cardellini Talks Role On Netflix’s ‘Bloodline’

Linda Cardellini’s new Netflix thriller “Bloodline” has just been renewed for a second season – and when she reflects on the experience, the actress admits that joining the cast was a no-brainer.

“There’s just incredible people in the cast,” Cardellini tells ET Canada, who’s best known for her role on the cult-favourite Freaks and Geeks. “They’re just incredible actors and every day showing up is just a dream.”

Bloodline follows the story of the Rayburn family whose dark secrets are in jeopardy of being revealed when the black sheep brother returns home. “It’s really fun to see what people think is happening because so much is slowly uncovered,” says Cardellini.

Her character “Meg” has a few secrets – despite an attempt to be the good sibling of the family: “I think everyone can relate to the person who wants to make everyone feel good or be happy or keep the peace.”

Adds Cardellini, “I think it begs the question, even if you don’t think you’re being a bad person, if you keep doing bad things- are you really a good person?”

Tune-in tonight at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT for our whole interview with Linda Cardellini!

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