Chris Hemsworth may have taken things a little too far when training for “Thor: Love and Thunder”.

In an interview with USA Today, the 38-year-old actor revealed that his wife Elsa Pataky wasn’t actually into the immense physique he bears in the movie.

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“My wife was like, ‘Bleh, it’s too much,'” he said. “There are a lot of my male friends who are like, ‘Yeah!’ but a lot of female friends and family are like, ‘Yuck.'”

During the lockdown, Hemsworth spent much of his time training, including swimming, lifting weights, practising martial arts and eating about 6,000 calories a day.

“It came from boredom, sitting in COVID lockdown was like a prison,” he explained.

But as it turned out, getting that big was actually something of a problem for Hemsworth once he actually showed up to the “Thor” set.

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A friend had pointed out that it would be much harder to keep his weight up while also shooting the film.

“I was like, ‘Oh, yeeeeah, you’re right,'” Hemsworth says. “It was one thing to train and eat that much and then sleep all day. Doing this and then a 12-hour set day was something different. It was horrible. I won’t do it again. They can give me a fancy muscle-y costume next time. I’m done.”