Britney Spears performed for the first time in a long time — during a break from folding laundry, no less — and it’s a rendition of “…Baby One More Time”.

The 40-year-old singer took to Instagram on Friday and shared a video where she’s seen belting out an a cappella version of her 1998 hit single. In her lengthy caption, Spears acknowledged that it’s been “an extremely long time” since she’s shared her talents, perhaps “too long” of a time.

Her latest rendition includes new lyrics, which includes, “Give me a f***ing sign.” Spears revealed that changing the lyrics or offering a different rendition is something she had always wanted to do, but was essentially handcuffed.

“Well I have asked for what I wanted for 14 years,” she wrote in her caption. “[A] different version of ‘Baby’ but have the producers actually work for me and put it together 🎵 … a start … but as the TEAM said NO and serves me with 4 girls, my sister included, doing a 5 minute version of 4 remixed songs 🎥 to a T not even having to give effort or dance 💃🏼 … just shot it beautifully and the sound was NEW !!! They ruined it for me, embarrassed me and made me feel like absolutely nothing🙄🙄🙄 !!! The truth is a f***ing b**ch !!!”

The singer also took aim at her family, a constant target of hers on social media as of late, saying she shared as much as she did because she’s aware of her love and passion to sing “and my own family made a fool of me,” perhaps alluding to being asked to go on tour and perform while under her 13-year conservatorship, which was terminated in November 2021.

Spears’ video comes just days after a huge victory in court, after a judge ordered her father, Jamie Spears, to sit for a deposition in Los Angeles.

“Today is a very good day in court for Britney Spears and it was a very good day for justice generally,” Britney’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, said to reporters after Wednesday’s hearing.

Rosengart filed a motion to compel Jamie’s deposition back in May. In those court docs, obtained by ET, Rosengart claimed that Jamie’s deposition was initially noticed on Oct. 20, and said that his client’s father had since been issued two subsequent notices, but hadn’t agreed to “numerous” proposed dates or offered any potential dates of his own.

On Wednesday, Judge Brenda Penny ruled that Jamie would have to schedule his deposition by Aug. 12.

The legal docs filed in May alleged that Jamie failed “to produce communications concerning the shocking electronic surveillance apparatus set up to spy on his daughter,” including information that Jamie allegedly obtained by “placing a bug in his daughter’s bedroom.” The docs argued that, as a suspended conservator, Jamie is “legally required to produce all such email and text message communications.”


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