Eddie Vedder will not tolerate fighting at his concerts, something he demonstrated once again during a recent Pearl Jam concert in Zurich, Switzerland.

As Rock Feed reported, Vedder interrupted the band’s performance of “Animal” to address a woman who was reportedly striking a male concertgoer because she was irked he was filming the show on his phone.

“Turn the lights on, please,” Vedder said.

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“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey — I saw the whole thing, I know, it was annoying you. You were bummed out ’cause he was filming the whole time,” he continued.

“Has it been the whole show or just now? Just now when I came over? Was it the whole time? Yeah, you’re filming everyone,” he added.

“The thing is, I know it upset you, but you can’t f**kin’ hit him in the back of head either, even though you’re a woman. I appreciate the fact that you can be strong. Quit hitting him — you’re out of here. Violence is not allowed,” he said as he ordered her to leave. “I’m sorry ma’am, there’s no violence allowed. You could’ve waved to me, I was lookin’ right at you. Sorry about that, it’s just not cool, we’re not hittin’ people here. Sorry.”

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The entire incident can be seen in the video above, just after the 45-second mark.

That’s far from the first time that Vedder has had to eject an unruly fan from a Pearl Jam concert.

Back in 2016, Vedder noticed a man in the audience apparently harassing a woman, and told him to “get your finger’s out of the woman’s face, motherf**ker,” before ordering, “Clear out, mister.”

Another grunge icon took similar measures back in 2011 when the Foo Fighters were performing at the iTunes Festival and frontman Dave Grohl spotted a fight taking place in the crowd.

Grohl famously stopped the rest of the band and addressed the fighting fan directly.

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“You don’t come to my show and fight, you come to my show and f**king dance you a**hole!” Grohl declared, before commanding, “Get the f**k out of here!”