Sylvester Stallone criticized “Rocky” producer Irwin Winkler in a series of stormy social media posts.

On Saturday, the actor took to Instagram to call out a recently published memoir written by Irwin’s son, David Winkler.

In the lengthy post, the actor referred to Irwin as “the remarkably untalented and parasitical Producer of Rocky and Creed.”

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“If it wasn’t for Winkler there would’ve been at least another three Rocky’s, that would’ve been wonderful,” Stallone continued. “Frankly that crew are the worst unhunman beings I’ve ever met in the movie industry. I will forever love the loyal fans and keep punching.!!! REMEMBER IT FEELS GOOD TO CLEAR YOUR HEART.”

Stallone followed the post with a second message, explaining that his bad feelings come from an ownership dispute over the “Rocky” franchise.

“I really would like [to] have at least a little WHAT’s LEFT of my RIGHTS back, before passing it on to ONLY YOUR CHILDREN – I believe That would be a FAIR gesture,” said the 76-year-old, who starred in six “Rocky” films. 

Stallone also admitted that the “painful subject” is something that “eats at my soul, because I wanted to leave something of Rocky for my children.”

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Stallone and Irwin are both credited as producers on all of the “Creed” films, including the upcoming “Creed III”.