If there’s any character on “Stranger Things” who could defy death, it’s Dr. Brenner.

In a new interview with Vulture, actor Matthew Modine talks about his big return in season 4 of the Netflix hit, and why he thinks he might still have a future on the show.

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The character, who is also referred to as “Papa” in the show, originally seemed to have been killed off in season1, but he returned in the most recent season before apparently being dispatched again.

Asked, though, if he would say that Dr. Brenner is dead, Modine said, “No, I wouldn’t. Because I wouldn’t want him to be dead.”

When the interviewer suggested the character might have some superhuman abilities, the actor said, “Yeah. I don’t want to believe it’s over, because I love the Duffers. I don’t want to believe it’s over, because I can’t wait to work with [Millie Bobby Brown] again.”

He added, “I love the power of redemption. I love the what it represents. I’m not a religious person, but my favorite parable from the Bible is that there was a woman who had committed adultery. The law of Abraham was to stone this person to death. And Jesus comes along and says, ‘Those among you that are without sin, cast the first stone.'”

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When asked how he imagines Brenner could be redeemed, Modine mused, “Obviously, the only children he tortured who are alive, that we know of, are Eleven and Kali. I guess Vecna, if there’s any saving One. It would be that moment of them forgiving Brenner and giving him their grace.”