Taron Egerton is revealing what he looks for in a woman.

The actor appeared on SiriusXM’s “Andy Cohen Live” to promote his new limited series Black Bird as well as talk his personal life.

Egerton revealed that he’s currently single and open to meeting new people. When asked by Cohen what he’s looking for, however, he wasn’t too sure.

“Someone, I mean, hopefully, you know, quite attractive and funny,” he said. “I don’t know, but I’ll know when she [appears].”

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Trying to get a more definitive answer out of the star, Cohen asked him whether he was a “boobs” man or an “a**” man which Egerton had a more clear answer for.

“I mean, I’m probably more of an a** man,” he admitted. “But there are no prerequisites.”

Elaborating more on his preference for larger butts, he explained it was all due to a balancing act.

“I’ve got a big butt. Like quite a, quite a big round butt. So, I think if I, I can’t have, I can’t have someone who’s got a small, I can’t be with a woman who’s got a sma- do you know what I mean?” said Egerton. “Otherwise when we’re walking away, hand-in-hand as a couple, it’s not gonna look right.”

Speaking on another one of his important relationships, the 32-year-old revealed he’s still friends with Elton John.

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“I saw him about three weeks ago. He was in London doing some tour dates and I went to his house and we had crab salad,” he shared. In fact, the music legend had apparently been trying to hook Egerton up with a new date.

“He talks about it. But he never really comes through with the goods, you know?” he joked.

Egerton also took time to clarify the rumours regarding his casting as Wolverine from the X-Men franchise.

“No, I mean, there’s no truth to that, but it, every time I comment on it, it spirals out of control and, and somehow they rearrange the words I’ve said, to make it sound like I’m doing it,” he added. “But I mean, it’s really flattering and obviously it’s a, you know, great role, but no, there’s no truth to it.”

See Egerton next in “Black Bird” which premiered on Apple TV+ on July 8.