Simon Cowell got more than he bargained for when he agreed to be part of an act during Tuesday’s edition of “America’s Got Talent”.

After he introduced himself on stage, judges Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara marvelled at the handsome performer, who they thought resembled a Disney prince.

That adoration was short-lived, and evaporated when he revealed his stage name: Jack the Whipper.

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The reason, he explained, was that his act involves hitting objects at a distance by cracking a whip, a skill he learned from his father, a circus performer.

As for his day job, he revealed he’s a news anchor in Boston; whipping is just a sideline.

In the midst of his act, he invited a reluctant Cowell onstage to help him with his showstopper, which involved inserting a small stick between the judge’s knees.

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Sensing what was coming next, Cowell’s eyes widened in horror as Jack the Whipper pulled back his whip and did his thing — successfully, leaving Cowell uninjured albeit slightly terrified.

Yes votes from Cowell, Klum and Vergara (Howie Mandel was still MIA) means that viewers haven’t seen the last of this whip-wielding performer.