Audrina Patridge is opening up about the abuse she allegedly experienced from ex-husband Corey Bohan  during their marriage.

In a new interview with Alex Cooper’s “Call Her Daddy” podcast, the alum of “The Hills” revealed why she decided to end her marriage to the BMX biker, with whom she shares daughter Kirra.

According to Patridge (via TooFab), the trouble began before they tied the knot, recalling “this off and on relationship where, it’s not a secret that it was toxic, there’s pictures of me crying all the time in the street.”


Patridge also revealed she’d hear rumours of his cheating from fans, but whenever she confronted him he’d deny everthing and tell her that those fans “don’t want you to be happy.” He also responded by accusing her of being unfaithful.

“If someone doesn’t trust you or they’re constantly wanting you to delete your social media accounts or constantly wanting to go through your text messages or you can’t even go have a girls dinner without being blown up the whole time because you’re being accused of going out to cheat or there might be a guy there that you run into … those are all red flags, run!” Patridge said.

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Meanwhile, Bohan’s jealously led him to accuse her of cheating on him with one of the producers of her TV travel show, “1st Look”, with Patridge claiming that if she “didn’t call him at a certain time when I was in bed, hell would break loose.”

When she became pregnant, she thought getting married would improve the relationship. It didn’t.

The tipping point came in August 2017, when she accused him of pushing her while she was holding Kirra while they fought about his alleged infidelity.

“It was kind of like that fight or flight mode, I kind of froze and I didn’t know what to do but things kept escalating and when I was pushed back, Kirra started screaming and crying and then I started crying and then he realized what happened and he started crying,” said Patridge. “Everything just spiralled and it got worse and that’s when my family got involved and the police got involved. After going to therapy and trying to make it work, it’s like, you’re not changing, you’re not wanting to change, I can’t do this anymore.”

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After she filed for divorce the following month, she was granted a temporary restraining order when he showed up an event she was attending and demanded to know their daughter’s whereabouts.

“I knew that that moment I called the police, that’s the end of it. I knew that after what had happened, he wasn’t going to change,” she said. “Once I had my daughter, I wasn’t living for me anymore, my life now is to protect her and make sure she has the best life. I wanted to keep our life private and it did go everywhere, it’s humiliating.”