Stephen Curry’s three children might be used to their superstar father winning national championships, but the Golden State Warriors point guard says it’s a “beautiful thing” they can now also watch him excel in other areas, such as hosting the 2022 ESPYS.

“I’ve experienced a lot of amazing things over the last 13 years that I’ve been in the league, but these are the times that are special because they get to remember these memories,” Curry told ET Canada moments after the ESPYS came to an end at his, Unanimous Media and Talent Resources joint afterparty.

“I got that with my dad when he played in the league for 16 years,” he added. “Riley’s now 10, Ryan’s seven and Canon’s four so they’re at the ages now where these type of experiences hit home a little different and they enjoy it. Tonight was definitely one of those experiences.”

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While Curry admits he hasn’t had much of a break in between his winning season and preparing for his opening monologue, he loves having his family by his side as he explores other avenues outside of the NBA.

“It’s been a whirlwind celebrating, obviously an amazing year for me and my family and my teammates on and off the court. I never thought I’d be able to host ESPYS, that wasn’t really ever on the radar, but when I got the opportunity, it was like, ‘Of course, let’s try it out.’ I didn’t know where, to what to expect, but it was an amazing night,” he said.

“Lots of prep, but I had fun with it. Hopefully everybody got some laughs and were entertained,” Curry added. “It was an amazing year, so that’s a nice way to cap it off.”

Reflecting on the night, Curry had a lot of favourite moments, but nothing compares to showcasing his singing chops to millions of sports fans around the world.

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“I’ve never really sang in front of people before, or that many people, slash global audience, so Stephen, you finally made it. The song was cap. I heard it’s pretty catchy for a lot of people, so it was nice.”

At the time of the interview, Curry didn’t have a chance to check out Twitter’s opinion on his debut performance, but he’s not worried because if anything, his humour on stage had his back.

“I know Twitter’s probably all over the place, especially with some of the stuff I was saying,” Curry said. “They probably didn’t expect it from me, but hopefully everybody had a good time.”