Kevin Hart called out Mark Wahlberg for not casting him on “Entourage” back in 2008.

The “Hart to Heart” host teased Wahlberg during his recent appearance on the show as Hart recalled feeling “hurt” over losing the season 5 part to rapper Bow Wow.

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At the time, the comedian remembered thinking the guest role “would be great for my career” and feeling “confident” after having received a callback.

Wahlberg, who executive-produced the hit show “Entourage”, joked that the show’s casting director “f**ked up” for not giving Hart the job.

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Elsewhere during the unfiltered conversation with Hart, Wahlberg looked back on his breakthrough role, starring in the 1997 critically acclaimed film “Boogie Nights” when he was just 25 years old. He called the project a “great opportunity.”

Season 2 of “Hart to Heart” is now streaming on Peacock.