Gugu Mbatha-Raw dropped by SiriusXM’s “The Jess Cagle Show” to discuss her new Apple TV+ drama “Surface”, and during the conversation she dropped a few hints about the upcoming second season of “Loki”.

Mbatha-Raw, who plays Ravonna Renslayer in the Disney+ Marvel series, commented on the intense level of secrecy required when working with Marvel.

“They make you sign an NDA, you know, before you get any scripts or any material, but it was a really special one to work on, I think, because it was so highly anticipated,” she said.

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“You know, everybody knows that character of Loki from the 10 years of Marvel films that he’s featured in and then for me, just to join that world, you know, with Ravonna Renslayer, which is a character that has a dark side and has a twist, you know, a slightly dubious moral compass, was very juicy for me,” she continued.

“But again, you know, we’re in the middle of filming actually the second season right now, so yeah, secrets abound,” she teased. “That’s just part of the job with Marvel, but it’s fun. I mean, the anticipation and the excitement from the fans is really what makes it worth it.”

She also admitted she utilized “Loki” star Tom Hiddleston’s deep knowledge of the role he’s played since 2012’s “Avengers”.

“You know, it’s like kind of having an encyclopedia of Marvel at your fingertips, you know, with Tom Hiddleston because he really is so deeply enmeshed in that world, so yeah, I’m not gonna lie, I’m still learning,” she shared.

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“You know, the multiverse is complex and I’m still figuring it out myself as we go with everyone else, but it’s fun.”

Asked if she could tease anything about her character in season, Mbatha-Raw was understandably hesitant about being in trouble with the “Marvel police.”

“It’s so tricky. What can I say? She’s definitely back and what can I tease?” she said. “I guess, you know, we’ll see. I think what’s on the other side of that time door, you know, when she goes through that time door at the end of season one is gonna be a really cool surprise for everyone. I don’t want to give it away.”