“The world needed a hero…” Instead, it got Black Adam.

On Saturday, Dwayne Johnson electrified the audience at San Diego Comic-Con, appearing onstage in a storm of thunder, smoke and lightning to introduce a new “Black Adam” sneak peek.

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At just over a minute long, the new teaser for the superhero blockbuster reveals more of the intense, epic action fans have in store.

Discussing his approach to the film, director Jaume Collet-Serra said, “This seemed like a Dirty Harry-type of character. When the system is broken and when the system is corrupt, you need someone to break the system down. I gravitated towards that.”

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In a jokier moment from the panel, Johnson was asked whether his friend Kevin Hart got jealous of Black Adam.

“Kevin Hart gets jealous of everything … also I’m pretty good at height,” the actor laughed. “You are already taller than Kevin Hart.”

The film also stars Aldis Hodge, who said that getting the call from Johnson letting him know he got the part was “one of the best moments in my entire career.”

“Black Adam” is out in theatres on Oct. 21.