During Saweetie’s Friday show at Rolling Loud music festival in Miami, the rapper called out a fan, not to scold him, but rather to point out that she thought he was her type.

In the clip, shared on TikTok by the fan himself, Saweetie takes a breather during her set and looks out into the crowd before locking eyes on the good looking fella who was standing near the front row. The rapper asked the fan to come forward so she could get his name- Will.

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As Sweetie observes a closer look at Will, a voice is heard on a microphone saying that he’s just her type but it’s unclear whether it was the rapper saying so herself or one of her crew members, such as her DJ.

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Saweetie chatted back and forth with Will, asking him if he’s heard her verse on Mozzy’s track “In My Face”. No context was provided as to what she was trying to communicate but it seems provocative, given the lyrics.

Later that night, Saweetie posted a video on Instagram with her feet out the car window, asking, “Wya [Where you at]?” It’s unclear if anything more came of the situation.