Chris Cuomo doesn’t feel like a victim.

On Tuesday, the former CNN anchor sat down with NewsNation for his first interview since being fired over allegations that he attempted to use his sources to assist in his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s defence against sexual harassment claims.

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“No. I never contacted any media who were covering my brother, to try to affect their coverage. I talk to people in the media all the time. They’re most of the people in my life,” Cuomo said when asked about the allegations.

Pressed on the CNN’s internal reports that Cuomo had contacted sources, he said, “But I think the distinction has a meaningful difference. The concern would be not that I called you and said what do you think’s going on here. It’s me calling you and saying hey tonight in your segment I hope you remember that.”

Asked if he feels like a victim of so-called “cancel culture,” Cuomo said, “I don’t think I’ve ever been a victim of anything in my life. You make choices. You make a choice to be in this business. You make a choice to be in that dynamic and to want to be relevant. And it’s not always going to be easy. It’s not always going to be fair. My therapist has a great line, “fair is the only real four-letter word,” you know, in terms of a curse. I don’t feel sorry for myself. I am certainly not a victim.

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When the interviewer asked whether he is angry at his brother over his own scandal leading to his termination from CNN, Cuomo said, “I’m angry at my brother on a regular basis. But specifically, to your question, I love my brother. The rule in my family is very simple. Family, trouble, go. Other people have the luxury of judging allegations and situations. For me it was about helping my brother in a hard way and doing it in a way I didn’t think compromised what matters. And that’s what guided me.”

Finally, he added, “I learned something during this period. I have been obsessed with what happened when what was known and there are a lot of facts that are going to come out. I’ve also learned that they are largely only important to me in terms of what I want people to think and want people to feel and how I want them to see me. That’s about me. I don’t think that it’s helpful to a lot of other people. So yes, there’s litigation going on, but I’m telling you, I never lied and there were no secrets.”