John Krasinski doesn’t like the idea of Jim being the bad guy.

On Tuesday night, the actor appeared on “The Tonight Show”, and host Jimmy Fallon asked him about a fan theory claiming Jim was the villain on “The Office”.

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“Wait, what? Did you make that up?” Krasinski asked, seeing the article about the theory.

Fallon added that his character might have “manipulated” Pam.

“When you ask it like that, it makes me uncomfortable,” Krasinski told him. “Can you imagine if that’s what it was? … Well, they’re on to me, because I played it as a supervillain. That’s why I did Fantastic Four, to balance it out, I had already done the villain.”

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Earlier in the interview, Krasinski had talked about getting to play Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four in a cameo in “Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness”.

“It was a big moment for me,” he said, adding of the possibility that he might return for a “Fantastic Four” movies: “They don’t tell you anything.”