JoJo Siwa is explaining why she said Candace Cameron Bure was “rude.”

In a video published by Page Six, Siwa was asked about her viral video in which she revealed the “Full House” star was the rudest celebrity she’s met.

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“You know, I had a rough experience when I was little,” she said. “I was 11, and I was a big, big fan, and I wanted to take a picture with her, and it wasn’t a good time for her.”

She continued, “I will say because I had a bad experience, that doesn’t mean that she is an awful human. I think it just was an inconvenient time for her, and little 11-year-old me was just so pumped up and so excited, but that doesn’t mean she’s the worst human ever.”

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Bure revealed on Tuesday that she had a “great conversation” with Siwa on the phone, and learned the story behind her viral post, and apologized to her, including in a post on Instagram.

“I kind of broke your 11-year-old heart,” she said. “I didn’t take a picture with you. Ugh! I feel crummy, I feel—JoJo, I’m so sorry.”