“The Shining” might be considered one of the scariest movies of all time, but not to Neil Patrick Harris’ 11-year-old daughter Harper.

Harris, who also shares Harper’s twin brother Gideon with husband David Burtka, told Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show” how his daughter loves horror films.

“What do you say to a girl who wants to watch horror movies?” Harris questioned, adding: “Do you say ‘Absolutely not’ because then she wants to watch them more?”

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He told Fallon that the youngster had already seen Stephen King’s “It” and had binge-watched “Stranger Things”, before asking her dad what he thought the scariest horror film was.

Harris was unsure whether to tell her it was the “The Shining”, and, sure enough, after he did, she wanted to watch that.

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“She just kept asking and persisting, and so we watched ‘The Shining’ last week,” Harris said of the 1980 flick, that stars Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall, admitting: “I don’t know if it was a good call.”

The actor added of after the pair had their interesting father/daughter moment: “I said, ‘So what did you think?’ And she said, ‘I’m mildly disappointed.'”

However, despite insisting it wasn’t that scary at first, Harris laughed of his daughter: “She has slept in our bed for, like, the last four nights.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Harris also spoke about starring in the Netflix series “Uncoupled”, how he started his weekly email newsletter, Wondercade, and more.