Tragedy struck for Hong Kong boy group Mirror during their concert last week.

The group were performing at the Hong Kong Coliseum on Thursday night when one of the large video monitors above the stage suddenly fell down. It horrifyingly crashed on one of the dancers and knocked over another.

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A video on Twitter captured the event.

Warning: The video is graphic.

The concert was cancelled and the two dancers were taken to hospital, reported the Standard.

In an update from Hong Kong media network HK01, it was reported that dancer Mo Lee Kai-yin, who is still in critical condition, has undergone two major surgeries.

He suffered head and neck injuries, cerebral hemorrhage, 4th cervical vertebrae fracture, 5th cervical vertebrae deviation and quadriplegia, according to the report.

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The group have previously experienced onstage mishaps.

During Tuesday’s show, a member fell off the stage while giving a speech, which sparked backlash from fans concerned about their safety. A fence was installed by the stage in response, and the members announced they would cease performing “dangerous moves.”