Trevor Noah is weighing into the Instagram debate.

The host said of the recent updates on the app on “The Daily Show” on Wednesday: “Everything is an ad, and your feed is full of people you don’t follow.

“Which is so confusing – I’m scrolling, and I start reading someone’s post and I’m like, ‘Do I know this person? Was I supposed to be at this wedding?’ And then you look and it’s says, ‘Because you follow your friend, we thought you might like a post from a stranger.’ No, I don’t!”

Noah then poked fun at the app having to respond after “the royal family of Instagram stepped into the fray,” aka. Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, who urged, “make Instagram Instagram again.”

“Yeah that’s right, people, you thought Instagram was for pictures of your friends, well that’s over!” Noah said, after airing a news clip showing Instagram head Adam Mosseri’s recent Twitter video defending the updates. “You were always b**ching about brunch pics, now you’re going to be begging to see them!”

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“It seems like Instagram wants to get into the algorithm game, and that’s what I’m worried about because it’s going to change everything,” Noah went on, pointing out algorithms are “only about engagement. They only feed you things that make you angry, that make you sad, make you horny.”

“Now, the problem with that is that it all happens within a few posts. It’s an emotional rollercoaster,” he continued. “It’s just like, ‘Ugh, I’m so mad about this random racist event, and I’m sad about all the poverty, and goddamn that a** is fine.’ But that a** voted for Trump ahhh.”