Steph Curry could use some work on his throwing arm.

On Wednesday, the NBA champion and his wife Ayesha Curry threw the first pitch at the Oakland A’s game against the Houston Astros.

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After spending some time with the team in the dugout and batting cages, the couple went up to throw their pitches, with Ayesha going first.

Her throw went right down the middle, toward the catcher.

When it was Steph’s turn, though, things didn’t go quite as smoothly. His ball veered off to the side of the batter’s box, with the catcher having to lunge to catch it.

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Afterward, the couple laughed off the pitch with the team, as Steph signed the baseball.

“All of my friends were teasing me about how bad my pitch was going to be,” Steph said later, according to NBC Sports. “I wanted to throw some heat and when I got up there I felt the presence on my right side but I didn’t really know how I could do the release and whatnot so that’s why I went a little to the right. I’m glad he picked it up out of the dirt and didn’t make me look bad.”