William Shatner is very thankful for the employees at a fruit stand in California.

Last Wednesday, the “Star Trek” star visited B & T Farms, and accidentally left behind his brown leather wallet in one of the corn bins.

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Before leaving, the actor purchased four baskets of cherries and $2 worth of corn, according to ABC7.

“He paid for it prior to getting the corn and I’m assuming he had his wallet in his pocket, in his shirt pocket,” B & T owner Gary Tognetti said.

His younger employees apparently didn’t recognize the owner of the wallet, but Tognetti said he was shocked to find out.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Tognetti thought to himself when he saw who owned the wallet, he told The Washington Post.

The owner ended up calling the local police in order to have them get in touch with Shatner and deliver the wallet back to him.

“They actually FedEx-ed it that Thursday, and he had it by Friday,” he said.

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Earlier this week on Twitter, Shatner thanked the people at B & T Farms for returning his wallet to him, praising their “extreme honesty” and calling them “good citizens.”

Talking about his brush with the actor who played Captain Kirk, Tognetti said, “I thought about putting a sign up, ‘William Shatner was here.'”