Now 19 years old, Sophia Grace Brownlee captivated TV viewers during the dozen of so appearances she and cousin Rosie McLelland made on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, first appearing as duo Sophia Grace & Rosie back when she was 8 and Rosie 5.

In a new video she posted to YouTube, Brownlee is addressing some rumours that have sprung up about her physical appearance.

“So someone said, ‘At first, when I saw you on social media, I thought you had plastic surgery, do you?'” she said in reference to a fan comment. “No, I don’t have any plastic surgery. I’ve probably answered this quite a lot of times on my Instagram and on YouTube. So no, I haven’t had any plastic surgery.”

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As she explained, the biggest rumour floating around is that she’s had her lips done. “I mean, I really don’t think my lips look that big. Maybe I haven’t underlined them as much as I usually do today. But I’ve never had lip fillers. I wouldn’t be interested in getting lip fillers,” she said.

According to Brownlee, the misconceptions about surgery likely come from the way she does her makeup.

“If I do, you know, have lips that look quite plump and big sometimes, it’s literally just makeup,” she said. “Makeup is very powerful and obviously I look very different without makeup to what I do with it, which most people do. And yeah so that’s the reason why maybe people think it is because I am quite good at makeup and I’m quite good at making my face look like maybe I have had surgery, even though I haven’t.”