Alison Brie is giving hope to “Community” fans who have long wanted the beloved sitcom to get a big screen adaptation.

Speaking on an upcoming episode of WrapWomen’s “UnWrapped” podcast (created by news outlet The Wrap), Brie, 39, said that a “Community” movie could be in the offing.

“You know what, I’ll say it. There’s been movement,” Brie revealed. “There’s been some talks. People are talking and certain things — wheels are turning. I said it!”

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Providing additional context, the actress added, “I’m saying there are legitimate conversations that are happening.” But Brie cautioned against thinking anything official has been settled. “Whether or not [the conversations] will ever turn into an actual movie — I would love it if they did, and I hope that they do,” she said. “But the fact alone that actual real conversations are happening is I think the most progress we’ve ever made on that front.”

“Community” ran for six seasons on NBC from 2009 to 2015 and also starred Joel McHale, Danny Pudi, Gillian Jacobs, Chevy Chase, Ken Jeong, Yvette Nicole Brown and Donald Glover.

Like Brie, McHale hopes the series will be made into a movie. “I’m setting aside all the money to make [the movie] happen,” he said in an interview with Comicbook back in June.

“Before, when I’d answer the question [of if a Community movie is possible], I’d be like, ‘Maybe, I have no idea.’ But now, with its success on the streamers during the pandemic, the interest has returned. I would say it’s more likely than it was before, definitely, but it’s like building an aircraft carrier.”

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McHaled added, “You go, ‘We’re gonna do this, right? Yeah, okay, everybody’s here, we got the money.’ Now, this thing has to actually get built. There’s a lot more than just, ‘Hey, let’s make a movie now, great.’ It’s a lot of moving parts. So I’m more positive than I was, definitely, but we’ll see. That’s a terrible answer, but definitely better than my answer two years ago.”