Simu Liu had his work cut out on the latest episode of “Running Wild with Bear Grylls”.

The Canadian actor visited the Canadian Rockies with the British adventurer, where he was tasked with resuscitating a frozen maggot.

Liu said in a clip shared by Yahoo!, “It’s really cold for a while, and you think it’s just like a little piece of ice, and then it just starts squirming around.

“Yeah, that’s not a comfortable thing to be feeling in your mouth area.”

Despite the discomfort, the maggot helped Liu and Grylls catch dinner.

“So we just caught a fish,” Liu said.

“Bear wrestled it out of the water and then just bludgeoned it to death right in front of me.”

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Shaking the frozen maggots, he added, “And I don’t have to eat these anymore!”

Liu eventually admitted, “It’s pretty good,” although he didn’t seem thrilled about eating it at first.