You won’t believe this singer’s voice.

On the new “America’s Got Talent”, 29-year-old hotel clerk Emily Bland leaves the judges flabbergasted with a voice they do not expect.

Asked who the worst guest she ever had at her hotel was, Bland jokes, “Okay, I don’t want to throw my mom under the bus… her name is Karen.”

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When Howie Mandel wonders if she’s going to do stand-up comedy, the contestant says she’ll be singing, adding that Garth Brooks is the artist she most looks up to.

As it turns out, she really, really does look up to Brooks, surprising everyone by singing in a voice uncannily like the country superstar’s.

Bland’s performance of Josh Turner’s “Your Man”, with her deep voice, has the judges so stunned that they begin to suspect something’s up, at which point Bland brings out a man from behind the curtain.

“That was me singing,” the man confirms.

“So you’re a ventriloquist and your wife is your puppet,” Mandel says.

Simon Cowell adds, “‘Im slightly disappointed, because I thought that was her singing.”

Sofia Vergara admits, “I don’t even know how to judge this thing.”

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Bland then demonstrates that she can actually lip-sync with anyone as they talk, miming along as Cowell says, “You are so much better looking in real life.”

She then does the trick with Vergara, and even with Heidi Klum speaking German.

“It’s really good. I don’t know for what, but it’s really good.”

In the end, the judges all agree the Bland’s “unique” talent is worthy of three yeses and a “question mark” from Cowell.