Second chances can pay off big.

On the new “America’s Got Talent”, 16-year-old Camille K took the stage to perform a cover of Finneas’ “Let’s Fall in Love for the Night”.

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The lilting performance seemed to be going well, with the audience impressed by Camille’s voice, but it wasn’t enough for Simon Cowell, who interrupted her.

“Do you write your own material,” the judge asked, to which she replied, “Yes I do.”

He continued, “That was okay. You have a nice voice. My only issue is, you need to do something more stand-out. So I’m curious to hear what your songwriting’s like.”

Camille decided to take him up on the offer, singing an original called “Still in Love”, about “suffering from a heartbreak, but you’re still in love with said person,” though she admitted she’s “never really experienced it” in real life.

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It turned out Cowell made the right call, with Camille delivering an more animated and impressive performance that immediately won over the audience, earning her a big standing ovation.

“The word ‘beautiful’ comes to mind,” Cowell remarked afterward.

Sofia Vergara said, “I thought your voice was much more than beautiful. It was spectacular.”

With tears in her eyes, Camille got yeses from all the judges to move forward in the competition.