Ryan Gosling has travelled all over the world, but nothing beats Canadian snacks.

The actor, from London, Ontario, recently sat down for a chat with LadBible.

The publication asked him to try a bunch of Canadian and British snack food and then pick a winner — you can guess which cuisine the “Notebook” star crowned victorious.

Gosling first tried poutine and pork pie with Colman’s mustard, pointing out he loves poutine but isn’t a fan of the name of it, admitting some people, including Americans, say it wrong.

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Laughing that the reporter was saying it wrong, Gosling added: “I don’t like that its name is poutine. I wish it was not poutine.”

Not a fan of the “meat jelly” and the texture of the pork pie, Gosling, who hid his face behind his jacket while eating so as not to create a “GIF-factory,” picked the Canadian snack.

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Next, Gosling compared Nanaimo bars, which he called “a Canadian classic,” and Tunnocks tea cakes. Gosling picked the latter as the winner.

He then tried Ruffles All Dressed chips and the U.K.’s monster foot-shaped snack, Monster Munch.

“I’ve been explaining these [All Dressed chips] to Margot Robbie, who loves snacks and seems to be totally baffled by the idea of an all-dressed chip, but it does exist,” Gosling said of his “Barbie” co-star.

He picked Monster Munch, but the next round saw him opt for Canada again, choosing Turtles over a Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo chocolate bar.

It all came down to the final round, which saw Gosling pick pancakes with maple syrup over a Greggs sausage roll, making Canada the winner.

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