Lili Reinhart recently appeared on SiriusXM’s “The Jess Cagle Show” to promote her new film “Look Both Ways” and, of course, to chat about “Riverdale”‘s “unhinged” characters and “bonkers” plot.

The actress, who stars as Betty on the TV crime-drama, told hosts Jess Cagle and Julia Cunningham that season 3 is when things started to “really become more out-of-the-box than usual.”

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“We all were a little confused to be honest, but I think we realized that the show was on this train and it was going full steam ahead. I stopped asking questions [laughs] after that,” Reinhart said.

The actress reminded viewers that the show is based off a comic book and that “anything, and everything can happen in a comic book.”

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“We’ve always had these ties to almost weird supernatural events and, just crazy, not very grounded situations,” Reinhart shared. She added that since “Riverdale”‘s 2017 premiere, the show has “come a long way,” especially now, in its sixth season, in which the characters have superpowers.

“You gotta take ‘Riverdale’ for what it is. And I think, when you stop trying to really make sense of it is when you can just enjoy the craziness for what it is,” Reinhart continued.

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Ahead of “Riverdale”‘s seventh and final season, Reinhart also commented on the “special” way she’d like to see the show end, which can be viewed in the clip below.