Elisabeth Hasselbeck returned to “The View” on Wednesday, Aug. 3 as the daytime talk show marks its 25th season on the air.

Hasselbeck, who served as the show’s conservative panelist from 2003 until 2013, was introduced with a clip package, including footage from her TV debut in the first season of “Survivor” and some of her more memorable moments from her decade on the show.

“Welcome back to the table,” moderator Whoopi Goldberg told Hasselbeck, agreeing that she’s had “some of the best conversations” she’s ever had with Hasselbeck about subjects about which they disagreed.

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“It was great, for me, to have you as my first conservative,” Goldberg added.

Hasselbeck agreed, pointing to the importance of women having a conversation that reflects opposing viewpoints.

“I think it’s sharpening to have these conversations and understand why do you think something that’s so wrong,” Hasselbeck joked.

The hot-button topic of abortion rights for women came up, and Hasselbeck predictably clashed with Goldberg and co-host Joy Behar.

Hasselbeck, who is staunchly anti-abortion, urged women to explore other options, including adoption agencies that will match a pregnant woman with a family desperate to have a child.

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Goldberg responded by sharing her own view. “God made us smart enough to know when it wasn’t going to work for us. That’s the beauty of giving us freedom of choice,” said Goldberg, who also described her own relationship with the Almighty as “choppy.”

Hasselbeck also offered her opinion on the recent Supreme Court ruling to reverse Roe v. Wade, declaring that “just because something is a right doesn’t make it right.”

As the conversation progressed, Hasselbeck continued to spar with Behar, who explained why adoption isn’t as easy a solution as Hasselbeck suggested, while Hasselbeck dug in her heels.

Pointing out there are 117,000 children awaiting adoption in the U.S. right now, Behar pointed out that banning abortion was a form of judgement. “But when you’re prohibiting something you are, in fact, judging them,” she said.