Diego Luna is excited to explore Cassian Andor’s backstory in the upcoming Disney+ “Star Wars” series “Andor”.

The actor, who originated the role in 2016’s “Rogue One”, says that while that film focused on one pivotal moment in the “Star Wars” universe, he was ready to peel back the layers on Cassian the moment he got the call about the series.

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“I love the film and it’s a film about an event, you know? You don’t get to know much about the characters,”  Luna tells SiriusXM’s “The Jess Cagle Show”. “It’s an event that matters a lot in the story of ‘Star Wars’. It means so much for that, but you don’t get to know who Cassian is nor the others or what’s behind their story, you know?”

Now in “Andor”, Luna will get to explore Cassian’s origin story further and provide more context for his actions leading up to the events of “Rogue One”.

“It’s interesting to revisit that story in a long format where you can have so many layers, you know, where you can do the big adventure and action piece, but also a very intimate approach to characters and relationships,” he says of the series.

“I think that’s what’s really interesting [about] this show that we are gonna explore deeply into the people that make a revolution possible in a way. There’s a need for a revolution, but why someone would decide to become part of something big and leave everything behind in order to bring change,” Luna explains. “You know, what makes you sacrifice everything for a cause. That’s what, to me, was interesting to explore.”

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Fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of the series on Disney+, reacting to the first look at the trailer and images from “Andor” on Twitter — and Luna is well aware of the conversation. Though he pays attention to online reaction, the 42-year-old actor says, “I don’t engage in back and forth”.

“I like witnessing and I use it for that, which is important. I come from theatre. I’m used to that interaction,” he explains. “I really seek for getting a response that would transform me as a performer in a way. Theatre does that and I think sometimes movies or the screen just alienates you from that. You don’t get that response. You don’t get affected and I do like getting affected because that helps me grow.”

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While he might see reaction online, he says that “doesn’t mean I go too deep into hate and toxic voices I avoid, but I do like hearing the response.”

“I see it as something positive, the huge expectation around a show like this, the huge expectation of the fan base of ‘Star Wars’ is amazing. I’ve been, all my life, trying to get people’s attention to watch my s***. It’s different this time, you know? You go like, Oh, they not just wanna watch it. They wanna love it.”

“I was at the Star Wars Celebration and that amount of love and passion and excitement for what you’re doing, you can just celebrate that, man. That’s heaven,” he adds. “I know someone’s gonna watch it. That already is something to celebrate.”

“Andor” arrives on Disney+ on September 21.