Starring in “American Pie” came with some real benefits.

Jennifer Coolidge is on the new cover of Variety, talking about how “The White Lotus” helped her believe in herself, and the boon to her sex life from her role in the “American Pie” series.

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“I got a lot of play at being a MILF and I got a lot of sexual action from ‘American Pie,” she reveals in a video clip.

“There were so many benefits to doing that movie. I mean, there would be like 200 people that I would never have slept with,” Coolidge adds.

Talking about “The White Lotus”, the actress reveals that she almost turned down her role in the series, feeling depressed and unready to work due to the COVID pandemic.

Thankfully, “a really smart, savvy, very blunt friend” convinced her to take the part.

“I didn’t like the way I looked,” Coolidge says of her appearance on the show. “But did I change it for ‘The White Lotus’ 2? No! I didn’t change anything!”

She adds of her experience on the series, “I feel like the coach asked the other actors to let me dribble the ball more. Give the ball to Jennifer once in a while. I get to shoot now.”

Getting to star in “The White Lotus” also helped Coolidge believe in her own abilities again.

“The saddest thing about life is that you just make decisions about yourself,” she explains. “If I’m not getting great roles, I come to the conclusion that people think I’m incapable of that. And then I make the decision that I am incapable of that. You actually have to have a [creator like] Mike White that comes in and says, ‘I think you can do this.’”

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Talking about shooting the upcoming second season, “The White Lotus: Sicily”, Coolidge reveals that while doing one important scene, she spent most of the time vomiting due to sea sickness.

“The people that were stuck on that boat with me and the amount of vomit — it was just really scary,” she says. “‘White Lotus 2′ has something far more difficult in it than the throwing up.”

Looking back on her career and how it has changed over the years, Coolidge says, “People that I could never get in the door — all of a sudden they’re asking me to be part of their things.”

And as for the long-awaited “Legally Blonde 3″, the actress says she knows “not a drop of information.”