Amanda Seyfried says having two stars on “The Bachelorette” is one of the best things the show has ever done.

On Wednesday, the star of “The Dropout” appeared on Jess Cagle’s SiriusXM show and talked all about her love of “The Bachelor” franchise.

When Cagle’s co-host Julia Cunningam joked that she has a Bachelor Nation PhD, Seyfried said, “I’m writing my thesis right now.”

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The actress then admitted that because she fell asleep early the night before, she didn’t get to see the latest episode of “The Bachelorette”.

“I don’t know what happened, but I know Rachel was in a tizzy,” she said, referring to Rachel Recchia, who is this season’s Bachelorette alongside co-star Gabby Windey.

“She was in a tizzy,” Cunningham confirmed. “You know, when anyone’s having a high moment this season, the other one’s having a full breakdown is what’s happening.”

“Which is genius. I just said what I said about the ‘Bachelor’ franchise and I will say that the two bachelorettes is probably the best thing that they’ve ever done,” Seyfried said. “It is, I am most passionate about that direction from now on. I don’t know how you can do it any other way because now, you don’t hold all the cards.”

She added, “But I also love looking for the authenticity that you so rarely see. I will say, I think Gabby is the most self-reflective, self-confident, there’s a, yes, she has her issues, we all do, but she expresses herself in a way, articulates herself in a way that I really appreciate and I don’t think I’ve ever seen. Maybe with JoJo.”

When asked which “Bachelor” star, from the history of the show, she would pick, Seyfried said, “No, none,” before admitted, “Ben. Ben. I would pick Ben Higgins.”

She then added, “I would say Ben. Ben’s the only one. When I met Ben, I was like, ‘I really, really appreciate you.’ I don’t know what it is. I just, there’s no one I can think of even going out on a date with. None of them.”

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Talking about playing former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes in “The Dropout”, Seyfried was asked if she had any reluctance taking on the role.

“I had zero reluctance to play her,” she said. “I knew what kind of mountain it would be. I knew that it was gonna be hard and it would take a lot of work, more than I’m used to, and I was ready for that, I think.”

She continued, “It’s like there’s a lot of pressure to make sure that people believe you as her and I knew I was in good hands because the scripts were so good. [Creator] Liz Meriwether is… there’s no one, there’s no one like her, she’s an anomaly. She really wrote the most perfect script, which is why the show was so good and so those were already the standards to which I had to try to match. I was in good hands.”