Ryan Reynolds is getting ready to reprise one of his most popular cinematic creations — and his first stop is the gym.

Don Saladino, a top Hollywood fitness trainer who has helped Hugh Jackman and Sebastian Stan among others beef up for superhero roles, shared a photo on Instagram of himself and Reynolds in a room full of fitness equipment.

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In the caption, Saladino wrote “and so it begins…” adding an emoji of a red dot another of crossed swords, indicating that Reynolds is beginning his training for the long-awaited “Deadpool 3”.

While Reynolds is prepping for the third “Deadpool” movie, the director of the second movie will not be back.

Speaking with Uproxx, “Deadpool 2” director David Leitch (Tim Miller directed the first “Deadpool”) revealed there were discussions about returning for “Deadpool 3”, but the timing couldn’t be worked out.

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“Look, we had conversations about ‘Deadpool 3’, but I just was … I had things in the pipeline, too,” he said. “And it was never, ‘Hey, do you want to do it or not want to do it?’ or whatever. I think it was more we knew our dance cards were kind of full on both sides. And we have a window. And Marvel has calendars.”

As a result, Shawn Levy — who directed Reynolds in “Free Guy” and “The Adam Project” — will be helming the upcoming sequel.