Lisa Rinna has spoken out about her recent social media behaviour.

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star told Andy Cohen on Wednesday’s “Watch What Happens Live” that she knows that she’s “a freaking mess” right now.

Rinna insisted, “You can call me what you want!” as Cohen pointed out she’d been “a disaster.”

“Call me that! I am! It’s true,” she replied. “Andy, I’ve just been a nightmare right now, that’s all I can tell you. I have been a flipping nightmare.

“I know it, I acknowledge it, I have tried to fix it as much as I can. I am fully aware. I’m self-aware that I am a mess right now, I’m just a mess. So let’s hope it gets better.”

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Cohen responded, “Let’s hope…. You make so much trouble for yourself. You know what the funny thing is? It’s all in your hands. It’s all in your control.”

“I know,” Rinna admitted.

The reality TV star has said she’d been struggling with the death of her mother Lois, who passed away in November.

“I have had a really rough time of it. I think you’ve seen how hard this has hit me,” she wrote in a since-deleted post, according to People. “I’m sorry if I’ve raged on you, about you — it really has nothing to do with any of you.

“I never thought I would feel this way. I really thought grief would be about sadness and pain but it’s so much more,” she explained. “I am really struggling, I just never thought it would feel like this but here it is.

“Losing my Mom has really hit me hard. Thank you for your patience with me I know it’s not easy to have warm fuzzies for me right now but I’ll get through this and hopefully come out the other side stronger and better. Thank you for your support and your love. I so so appreciate it. 🙏🏻❤️🕊🕊🕊”

Rinna recently faced backlash over some comments she made about her “RHOBH” co-star Garcelle Beauvais, who is the show’s first and only Black main cast member.

Beauvais called Diana Jenkins “uneducated” over a comment she made to another Black woman on Instagram, which didn’t sit well with Rinna, People reported.

“We fight on our show if we fight with Garcelle we are all of a sudden called racist,” she wrote in a since-deleted Instagram Story. “That’s bulls**t. I will not accept that. I will express myself when and how I want and I am not afraid of any of you h**s.”