Lizzo is feeling “Good As Hell” as she takes on spicy wings and talks her rise to stardom.

The singer was the newest guest on the celebrity interview show “Hot Ones” with Sean Evans. She entered the spicy challenge full of confidence.

“I had an addiction hot Cheetos, and I survived the One Chip Challenge, so I think this is gonna be a piece of f**king cake,” she declared.

Lizzo talked her early influences in music as she ate, including her start in the underground Minneapolis rap scene.

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“There are so many incredible rock and music clubs there, so many incredible bands, rappers, performers, singers – you could sell out a venue there with local acts alone in one night,” she gushed. “I had ‘The Chalice’ and ‘Girl Party’. I dropped so many Lizzo bangers there and they supported me so f**king much in Minneapolis.”

The 34-year-old doesn’t only have credentials in the underground scene, however, as she also shared how her education in classical music helped her with her career now as a pop artist.

“Being classically trained is incredible because I feel like I can speak a language. You know, I make pop music, but I like to think that I make really interesting, musical, pop music that I think a lot about the composition,” explained Lizzo. “I want my music to sound good even if you mute my vocals. You hear the track and you’ll be like damn, this is a rich piece of music that f**king John Williams can conduct.”

While the two-time Grammy-winning artist has blown up into one of the biggest cultural icons, she hasn’t found the pressure to affect her confidence.

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“When I was young, I used to have these ideas and I would write songs and I would think of things, and then months or a year later I would hear that song I had an idea for on the radio or I would see things – I would be like ‘damn,'” she said. “I felt like I had the same ideas as the people who had ideas were putting out and I always had confidence in that. So, even now as the static gets bigger and I become so synonymous with the cultural zeitgeist, I think that my confidence that I’ve had since I was little and my vision has stayed true.”

As she reached the end of the spicy wing gauntlet, however, Lizzo could barely speak as she ate ice cream to help with the heat.

“This is the hottest f**king sauce I’ve ever had in my entire life,” she added. “I just wanted to say thank you to y’all who believed in me.”