Adam Driver is back with another sizzling Burberry fragrance ad.

The actor sparked an online frenzy as he appeared as a centaur in the 2021 Burberry Hero campaign, and the company’s latest clip will no doubt be another fan favourite.

A shirtless Driver races a horse to the ocean in the ad for Burberry’s newest fragrance, Hero eau de parfum. He continues to swim alongside the animal once they reach the water.

The “House of Gucci” star says in the voiceover, “It takes courage to embrace your extraordinary. Burberry Hero.”

The YouTube clip caption reads, “A new wave of modern heroism has arrived. Have the courage to embrace who you truly are with Burberry HERO eau de parfum.”

According to the press release, “The campaign presents a man in search of freedom and personal transformation — no longer held back by preconceptions.

“An embodiment of freedom, transformation and masculine energy. An exploration of oneself and respect for the majesty of the natural world,” People reports.

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The film and photos “capture an adventurous Adam Driver in the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world, depicting what masculinity means today by embracing freedom of expression and the beauty of contradictions — how strength can be subtle, and emotions can empower.”

The press release continues: “Driver’s energy exudes tender soulfulness, expressed by the presence of the horse, which in turn, is a creature that represents strength.”

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The horse inspired the shape of the perfume bottle, as well, with its angular, square-like shape being “an abstract reinterpretation of a horse’s hoof.”

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