Zoey Deutch once had an unfortunate incident on Robert De Niro’s plane.

On “The Tonight Show”, host Jimmy Fallon had her play a game of “Two Truths And A Lie”.

Deutch read two true statements and one false one and had Fallon try to guess which one she was lying about.

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She shared, “In a span of two years, I got stuck in three different elevators. I took my pet beetle with me to school for a month.”

The third one was: “I once peed my pants on Robert De Niro’s plane.”

Fallon guessed the first one was a lie, but was wrong. It turns out Deutch did get stuck in three elevators, confirming she’d also peed on De Niro’s plane.

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Fallon questioned, “How old were you when you peed your pants on Robert De Niro’s plane?”

She replied: “That was really recently, unfortunately. That was very recently. The bathroom didn’t work and I had to pee, I always have to pee,” laughing that there might be some good content to be pulled from her chat if she were to pee mid-interview.

Elsewhere in the interview, Deutch also spoke about her cameo in “The Amazing Spider-Man” movie getting cut, as well as laying out the plot for her movie “Not Okay”.