Dwayne Johnson is unveiling the full post-credits sequence from “DC League of Super-Pets”, in which Johnson is featured as the voice of Superman’s dog, Krypto.

In the sequence, which the former WWE champ shared on social media, he’s also voicing a couple of other characters: Black Adam (soon to be seen in the live-action DC film) and his dog, Anubis.

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It all begins with Krypto playing fetch with a rubber Batman, his “favourite toy,” when it suddenly vanishes; looking up, Krypto sees the toy in the jaws of Anubis.

“That’s my toy,” Krypto accuses. “Then why is it in my mouth?” Anubis responds.

Suddenly, Black Adam drifts to the ground behind Superman, who acknowledges him by name.

“Your owner’s a hero too?” asks Krytpo.

“Antihero,” says Anubis. “It’s basically like a hero but way cooler. You make up your own rules and then you break ’em. Also, you can ignore most moral conventions because no one can stop you.”

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“Yeah, that sounds a lot like a villain,” Krypto replies.

“Antihero,” Anubis insists.

“If he’s anti a hero then isn’t he a villain?” queries Krypto.

“Admit he’s a hero or Black Adam will destroy you!” Anubis snarls.

“Very villain thing to do.”

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“It’s a fine line, not gonna lie,” admits Anubis before Krypto issues a challenge. “Well, whatever he is, I bet he can’t fly to Pluto” he says, at which point Anubis snatches Black Adam by the cape and rockets into the sky — leaving behind Krypto’s toy, which he happily retrieves.

“The world is starting to simmer with excitement about the earths shattering SUPERMAN vs BLACK ADAM⚡️showdown one day,” Johnson wrote in the caption.

”But until then… BLACK ADAM’S DOG ~ ANUBIS⚡️ has a few choice words for SUPERMAN’S DOG ~ KRYPTO,” he added. “The definition and philosophy of ANTIHERO is quite intriguing….And YES…. If you listen closely, I voice BOTH DOGS AND BLACK ADAM in this scene.”