Red, pink, cyan and orange ghosts beware, “Pac-Man” is one power pellet away from snack time.

Bandai Namco Entertainment and Wayfarer Studios are collaborating on a live-action “Pac-Man” movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Bandai Namco is the company behind the Pac-Man video game and other popular titles like Elden Ring, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Tekken and SoulCalibur.

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The Pac-Man video game was originally released in July 1980. A widespread commercial and critical success, it ranks among the most iconic video games of all time.

Pac-Man merchandise, sequels and spin-off video games along with two television series all followed suit over the next 40 years.

Movie adaptations of video games have often struggled to hit the mark but there have been a number of successful projects in recent years, including “Sonic the Hedgehog 2” with Jim Carrey returning as Dr. Robotnik, “Detective Pikachu” starring Ryan Reynolds and the “Uncharted” movie adaptation starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg.