Bethenny Frankel didn’t hold back when voicing her opinions on Kim Kardashian’s new skincare line.

The “Real Housewives of New York City” star reviewed SKKN By Kim’s eye cream and exfoliator in a TikTok clip.

She told fans that “any line that makes it like you really need to do all the steps is just doing a smash-and-grab job, because your skin is different every day.”

Before talking about the actual product, the reality TV star took a swipe at the packaging.

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She said of the eye cream’s oval-shaped container. “It is bulbous, I don’t understand it, because it doesn’t stack. I don’t have a circular house or medicine cabinet. It doesn’t even have a flat bottom, so it’s effectively like an egg. That’s impractical at best.”

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Frankel then held up the “crazy” exfoliator packaging, insisting that if you don’t have a private plane there’s no way you can travel with such a big container.

She told viewers, “Just not practical. This shocks me,” comparing it to a Rubik’s Cube.

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Frankel then said of the eye cream, “It’s not Kardashian rich. It’s richer than I am, maybe, but it’s not Kardashian rich.”

She added overall of the products, “This is definitely good skin care, this is quality, I just think it’s extremely impractical in its packaging, I know that very ecologically sound. It’s a good product that’s likely somewhat over-priced, but most beauty is over-priced.”