The 13th century have never looked quite like this before.

On Wednesday, the first trailer debuted for writer-director Lena Dunham’s new film “Catherine, Called Birdy”, which will have its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival next month.

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Based on the book by Karen Chapman, the coming-of-age comedy stars “Game of Thrones” alum Bella Ramsey as Lady Catherine, also known as Birdy, a 14-year-old girl with a plucky personality whose father is attempting to marry her off.

Photo: Prime Video
Photo: Prime Video

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Ramsey explained how, despite similar seeming settings, the role is about as far as one can get from her fierce character Lyanna Mormont in “Game of Thrones”.

“It is totally, totally different,” she said. “Even if it’s in the same time, they’re opposite ends of the spectrum. There’s some scripts and characters that you read, and you feel like they’re already in you. That was definitely the case with Birdy.”

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Talking about how she instantly connected to the character of Birdy, Ramsey added, “”She’s not much of a rule follower,” she explains. “She’s bold and she doesn’t quite fit the mold. She’s not particularly normal, especially not for her time. I’ve always been a bit weird and Birdy was a bit weird too — and in a way that was so joyful and celebrated.”

Photo: Prime Video
Photo: Prime Video

Dunham said of the young actress, “Not to be a total cheeseball, but these are the young women that I needed when I was that age. Bella battles against shame in this amazing way, and it would have given me such an incredible sense that the world had a place for me. That’s Birdy’s goal too. Bella may be a little bit more gentle about it, but they refuse to be ashamed — and they also make space for other young people to really be seen.”

“Catherine, Called Birdy” opens in theatres Sep. 23, and on Prime Video on Oct. 7.