Alanis Morissette, Courtney Love were among the women to rock the ’90s.

A newly released episode of the Curious Cast “Ongoing History of New Music” podcast with Canadian radio broadcaster Alan Cross looks back at some of the inspiring female artists who stood out during that decade.

Cross explains how the women that made it in the ’90s were “determined dreamers” and had the drive to do whatever it took to be successful.

The host recalls the first time he heard Canadian hitmaker Morissette’s first single from Jagged Little Pill in the summer of ’95, explaining how he was listening to the radio in Los Angeles.

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He says he originally thought the song was “angry, fierce and authentic,” and questioned whether it was the same Canadian singer who tried to be a pop star years ago.

Cross praises her for reinventing herself and sharing what she believes in.

The writer then says of Courtney Love, “No one puts Courtney in a corner, she will do what she’s going to do,” admitting there’s been plenty of controversy surrounding the singer over the years, adding that she’s “wicked smart.”

Give the full podcast a listen above.

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There are five episodes of the “Driven By Her” “Ongoing History of New Music” podcast series presented by Porsche Canada, with eps rolling out once a month for five months.

Other episodes yet to be released focus on some of the “Unsung Heroines of Music” and “Women who have done things THEIR way”.

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