Queen Elizabeth II’s signature has been featured on a collection of coins for the first time.

The Royal Mint is selling three £5 coins to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, celebrating her spending 70 years on the throne.

“I began thinking about how her hands are such an important thing — she is always shaking hands, using them to carry out symbolic tasks like presenting awards, planting trees or unveiling plaques,” designer P.J. Lynch said, according to the Telegraph.

“It is how she communicates with hundreds, if not thousands, of people at once,” People reported.

“It led me to consider her signature, which is so symbolic, an instrument of state when she signs official documents, but also her personal promise and commitment.

“The more I looked at it, the signature was what was most important. I could see that if I focused on that, everything else could be simpler,” he continued. “It is ironic, yet understated: Elizabeth R. Nothing else is needed to explain who that is, it stands for so much on its own.”

One coin’s packaging “explores Her Majesty’s role in recognizing ordinary people who make an extraordinary contribution,” while another “explores Her Majesty’s lifetime dedication to charitable work.”

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A further one reads, “The coin’s packaging explores how Her Majesty has served the 2.5 billion people and 54 countries of the Commonwealth.”

A more expensive coin, selling for £172.50 ($268.55 CAD) vs. £13.00 (around $20), states, “The last coin in the series celebrates Her Majesty The Queen’s sense of duty to a global ‘family of nations.'”

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The Royal Mint previously released a commemorative 50p coin earlier this year to celebrate the royal’s Platinum Jubilee.