Neil Patrick Harris can take the heat.

The “Uncoupled” star is on the latest episode of “Hot Ones”, answering questions about his life and career, while eating progressively spicier and spicier wings.

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“My lips are stinging,” he said after taking a bite out of one of the wings, his eyes growing redder.

Harris wondered whether host Sean Evans uses hot sauces that spicy at home, to which he responded, “When I’m off the clock, I’m a lot of juice, a lot of salads, a lot of cereal.”

“I keep chewing, hoping that it’ll go away,” Harris said of the notorious Da’Bomb. “That’s freaky. Freakishly hot.”

While answering a question about his love of “old-timey” things, the actor said, “I am almost crying while I’m giving that answer.”

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Amazingly, though, Harris decided to try taking a second bite out of the Da’Bomb-covered wing.

“Now that it was awful, is it going to be awful again?” He said. “No, it’s f**king really hot. Almost worse.”

After the final wing, to celebrate the season finale, Evans gifted Harris a magic kit, asking the famous magic lover to do a small trick for him.

Harris performed a trick in which he made a rope stay straight, only to snap his fingers and make it drop slack again.

Finally, Harris promoted his new show “Uncoupled”, promising fans, “You get to see my naked butt. That’s all I got.”