Maren Morris’ Broadway dreams are on the way to coming true! On Thursday, the 32-year-old country music superstar revealed that she got a call back for Wicked, after sending in her self-tape.

“I got a callback for Wicked,” she wrote in green letters on her Instagram Stories. “I am in tears. What the hell,” she continued before ending it with a witch-hat emoji.

“The Bones” songstress shared an up-close reaction with her fans in a series of emotional videos posted on her Instagram. “Ya’ll, I literally don’t even care — yes I do — if I go beyond this callback,” she said through tears as she rocked sunglasses.

“Because this is like, 14-year-old Maren’s getting to achieve something that was never in reach, like it just never felt possible.”

Photo: Maren Morris/Instagram
Photo: Maren Morris/Instagram

She continued, “So, thank you for being on this journey with me. We will see where it goes. I’m just really happy. I love Wicked. I love Elphaba. I love Kristin Chenoweth. Thank you, Kristin, for inspiring me to just buck up and just send the self-tape in.”

Morris choked up a little more before saying, “I don’t know what to say.”

The “My Church” singer also shared the news on Twitter writing, “I got a callback for Wicked.  I am in tears. What the hell.”

Chenoweth — who played Glinda on the original Broadway production of Wicked —  reacted to the news. “You go baby!! Told ya you could do it!!! Xoxooxo.”

Morris originally shared her desire to audition for the revival of the stage production in May. A week after sharing that she was going to send in an audition tape — and telling one of her followers that she “identifies heavily as an Elphaba,” — the GRAMMY-winning singer shared a clip of her audition self-tape for her followers.

“Test shot for my self tape audition,” Morris wrote. “The THEATRE dah-ling IS JUMPING OUT. Honestly, even if I don’t get the part, this was so fun and I bought a freakin’ backdrop off Amazon.”

In a series of follow-up tweets, Morris shared the difference between her own singing and prepping for the stage. “Also, as a singer of my own music, I can belt, but rarely. Elphie goes from falsetto to full voice in the same word in 2 songs I’ve noticed,” she wrote.

“INTG and No Good Deed she does this. It’s very technically skilled and I can do it, but the idea of 8X a week is daunting!”

In May, the “Chasing After You” singer spoke to ET about her Broadway dreams and how Chenoweth encouraged her to audition for the show — following Morris sharing her Broadway dreams with her.

“So this week, I was like tweeting ‘cause I am gonna film and audition tape to be on Wicked or in Wicked on Broadway and she tweeted me back and she’s like ‘You’ve got this. I know you can do this.’ So we’ll see. Who knows,” the country songstress told ET.

Morris added, “It’s shot in the dark but I think I would be a good Elphaba for a few months. I wouldn’t embarrass the show. I would die.”


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