Survivor: One World Winner Kim Spradlin On Playing The ‘Perfect Game’

By: Christine Montgomery

After months of watching herself on TV and wondering, “will I or won’t I,” Kim Spradlin finally found out she had won the $1 million prize and title of “Sole Survivor” last night on the live finale of Survivor: One World.

“When my name was read, I honestly wanted to take a nap!” she told ET Canada on the Survivor: One World red carpet Sunday night. “I’ve been waiting to hear that for so long and it’s exhausting , so relieved, amazing, surreal!”; She was also the winner of this season’s fan favourite contest and was granted an additional $100,000 on top of her million dollar winnings.

Some people have been calling Kim’s win one of the most impressive in Survivor history. Her game-play was even complimented by the original Survivor schemer and famed inventor of the “alliance”;, Richard Hatch. “It’s incredibly flattering! To have Richard Hatch come up to me and tell me he was impressed, that was an awesome life moment,”; she admits.

Survivor (and especially the dangerous Survivor diet!) has taken its toll on Spradlin and she is happy to use some of her winnings to take it easy, relax and of course – shop: “I’m going to SHOP! I’m going to take a lot of trips and hopefully take a lot of these girls with me, they’ve become great friends of mine.”;

Of those girls whom Kim became close with during her time as a castaway, the closest bonds she shared were with Chelsea Meissner and Sabrina Thompson (pictured with Spradlin, above). Despite being warned that Sabrina or Chelsea could beat her in the final tribal council vote and win the prize, Kim ultimately decided to bring the two women whom she had trusted the most on the island with her to the final three instead of choosing the castaways she thought she could easily beat.

You can watch the full Survivor: One World season finale and reunion episode on Plus, check out a preview of our interview with Kim below and watch the full thing on ET Canada Monday!



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